Allmigo Services by People for Food Allergy Safety

as People for Food Allergy Safety®, we are committed to using our knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare. for that reason, the allmigo company offers the following Allmigo Services by People for Food Allergy Safety, exclusively for school districts and cafeterias, churches and non–profit organizations:

under a non–disclosure licence agreement, Allmigo Research and Development Services by People for Food Allergy Safety will research and develop a custom–made menu for your district or school cafeteria, based on unique food formulas featuring new allmigo® food products, full of rich flavors and without any of the top eight food allergens identified by law, so you can join us in serving student populations with severe food allergies to help them eat broader and live unlimited.

executing new food product formulas which do not contain any of the recognized top eight food allergens requires knowledge of People for Food Allergy Safety Treatment of Materials relating to the custom manufacture of food, such as granulometry, dough rheology of gluten free flours, and applied basic food chemistry of plant-based ingredients to name a few topics. once the allmigo company developes a uniquely safe menu for your school district or cafeteria, our dedicated People for Food Allergy Safety company stewards will help you to implement and execute each menu item along with our People for Food Allergy Safety Quality Protocols required to maintain your allmigo licence.

if you are a church or non–profit organization planning a fund–raising event or campaign, the allmigo food company offers you our People for Food Allergy Safety Coffee Roasting & Processing Services. we will freshly roast and process limited edition batches of our allmigo artisan coffee for your organization, so you can advance your fund–raising event or campaign.

How to Retain Services

if you are interested in retaining our Services by People for Food Allergy Safety, please email us your full contact information at to help us process your inquiry.

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